Can Children Have Bipolar Disorder?

Until recent years, medical science did not widely recognize that children can experience other mental illnesses besides attention deficit hyperactivity-disorder. In fact, most doctors refused to diagnose children with bipolar disorder even if the symptoms supported such a diagnosis. Bipolar disorder is a potentially serious condition where a child can rapidly swing from over-excitement, or [&hellip

How Serious is Postpartum Depression and Psychosis?

Some people have questioned the validity of medical diagnoses of postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis. These mental health conditions arise in some women after they deliver a child. Actress Brooke Shields, convicted murderer Andrea Yates, and now suicide victim Cynthia Wachenheim have made international news due to their apparent postpartum struggles. Wachenheim killed herself earlier [&hellip

What Are Signs Of An Impending Suicide?

More than 36,000 Americans die each year through suicide and an estimated 1 in 25 teenagers have attempted suicide. While some people secretly plan and then commit suicide, most people planning their own death exhibit one or more signs that indicate the seriousness of their depression. Such signs coupled with recent losses such as a [&hellip

Is Suicide Becoming More Common?

Some news reports have focused on once happy and successful people committing suicide because of economic or relationship failures. The rate of completed suicides has indeed increased since the recession that began in 2008, according to a study published in “The Lancet” medical journal. In 2012, suicide became the leading cause of injury-related deaths in [&hellip

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

If you or a loved one suffers from the “winter blues,” you may have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) While some people might experience low moods and energy during the summer months, seasonal affective disorder usually strikes people during the late fall and winter. Also, women are much more likely than men to experience this type [&hellip

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