What Are Potential Ritalin Side Effects?

People with problems paying attention in school or at work may have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Legally prescribed stimulant drugs can help people with ADHD pay attention and better control impulsive behavior such as interrupting others. One of the most popular stimulant medications is called methylphenidate or Ritalin. However, there are a number of [&hellip

Is Ritalin For Adults?

A common misconception is that only children have problems paying attention and focusing on important tasks. Many people have accepted for years that some children have a pervasive problem with inattention or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) The stimulant Ritalin is one of the most popular treatments for ADHD in children. Research supports that many children [&hellip

Most Online Pharmacies Are Potentially Dangerous

Only a few dozen of the thousands of pharmacies accessible through the Internet are legitimate, which has prompted U.S. public health officials to renew its warnings regarding the purchase of prescription drugs online. An estimated 3 percent of the available online pharmacies are licensed by state and federal agencies, according to the National Association of [&hellip

What Causes Lupus?

A team from The Scripps Research Institute in California believes that the absence of a single immune cell may cause the serious and often mysterious autoimmune disease known as lupus, according to the results of a study released in early 2013. Doctors generally believe that systemic lupus erythematosus occurs when someone’s body literally attacks its [&hellip

What Are Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The inability to get or keep an erection of the penis makes sexual intercourse difficult if not impossible. About 50 percent of American men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. While sexual performance challenges are often a part of the natural aging process, younger men who take any type of legal [&hellip

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