Can Children Have Bipolar Disorder?

Until recent years, medical science did not widely recognize that children can experience other mental illnesses besides attention deficit hyperactivity-disorder. In fact, most doctors refused to diagnose children with bipolar disorder even if the symptoms supported such a diagnosis. Bipolar disorder is a potentially serious condition where a child can rapidly swing from over-excitement, or [&hellip

Can Prescription Methamphetamine Help with Attention Problems?

Methamphetamine abuse has overtaken parts of the United States in recent years, but methamphetamine is nothing new. Since the early 20th century, legal methamphetamine tablets have been used for several purposes. While the drug abuse stigma has made it difficult to secure a prescription for methamphetamine, it may indeed be one of the most effective [&hellip

Exercise Boosts School Performance for Kids With ADHD

A new study reveals that exercising for just a few minutes every day will help children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to perform better in class. Results of the study shows that exercise can serve as an alternative treatment to drug treatment. Despite the effectiveness of some drugs in treating ADHD among children, several physicians [&hellip

Eye Drops, Nose Sprays Can be Harmful to Kids

Eye drops and nose decongestant sprays which are non-prescribed can be harmful if swallowed. This situation has resulted to thousands of sickened children. The Food and Drug Administration warns and remind parents to observe proper and safe storage of these medicines and make sure that it is out of children’s reach. The Consumer Product Safety [&hellip

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