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How Common Are Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Sexually transmitted infections or diseases are not just a problem among promiscuous people, warns the United States Centers for Disease Control. At least 50 percent of Americans who engage in intimate relations with another person will contract HPV – a potentially serious STD – during their lifetime. By the age of 25, at least 50 [&hellip

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Are Still A Serious Problem

Despite increased awareness about the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and prevention methods, such infections remain a serious public health problem in industrialized countries especially the United States. The rate of STDs remains significantly high and incurs billions of dollars of healthcare costs each year, according to data recently released by the United States Centers [&hellip

More Employers Cracking Down On Tobacco Use

It is unacceptable to smoke indoors at virtually most workplaces in the United States. But these days, more employers are refusing to hire people who test positive for using tobacco even if they limit their consumption to after office hours. Employers who wish to take advantage of healthcare subsidies are requiring their workers to take [&hellip

Niacin May Actually Harm the Heart

The B vitamin niacin has been used in cardiac care for years because many medical professionals believe it may help alleviate or prevent heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular problems. But the vitamin may actually harm the heart rather than help it, according to the recently released results of a University of Oxford study. The [&hellip

The Link Between Sleepwalking and Violence

Sleepwalking occurs when someone is asleep but performing activities such as driving, eating, or having intimate relations. Many people mistakenly believe that sleepwalking happens to children who have “night terrors” or adults who took a sleeping medication such as Ambien. About 58 percent of adults who engage in sleepwalking for any reason become violent, according [&hellip

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