What Are Drug Allergies?

A common misconception is that if a doctor prescribe a drug treatment, it is automatically safe. While most people can successfully take a prescription drug treatment, some people may experience a variety of side effects including allergic reactions. Drug allergies usually happen after someone takes a medication for the first time, though they can happen [&hellip

Holiday Activities Increase Your Risk of Serious House Fires

For most people, winter is a special season and a time for holiday celebration. Most people acknowledge that they are much more susceptible to suffer a cold, the flu, stress or even depression (such as seasonal affective disorder) during the colder months of the years. But fires can turn much more deadly and winter activities are [&hellip

Is Omega-3 Fatty Acid Helpful after all?

Omega 3, the essential fatty acid found mostly in fish has long been thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and sudden cardiac death.  But a recent study at the University Hospital in Ioannina, Greece, concluded that this was not the case, that the risks of heart disease, stroke or sudden death among the [&hellip

New Findings Could Help Treat Acute Allergies

Researchers from the School of Medicine of Stanford University and the University of Bern have discovered a new molecule that has the capability to remove antibodies from those receptor molecules that are found on cell surfaces. The said receptor molecules are the ones responsible for allergic reactions that have been triggered by various allergens. The [&hellip

Eye Drops, Nose Sprays Can be Harmful to Kids

Eye drops and nose decongestant sprays which are non-prescribed can be harmful if swallowed. This situation has resulted to thousands of sickened children. The Food and Drug Administration warns and remind parents to observe proper and safe storage of these medicines and make sure that it is out of children’s reach. The Consumer Product Safety [&hellip

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