What Exactly Is Leukemia?

Leukemia is a commonly known but often misunderstood medical term that refers to a potentially serious cancer of the blood. Someone with leukemia has too many white blood cells in his body because his bone marrow is not properly functioning. White blood cells in appropriate numbers help fight infections, but when there are too many [&hellip

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Cancer?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among people of all ages and ethnicities, but often it is hard to notice the signs or symptoms that something is very wrong in the body. Some types of cancers do not have symptoms until it the illness has progressed into the advanced stages. Other signs [&hellip

Some Women Are Overburdened By Cancer Treatment Options

Over 20% of Women with early-phase breast cancer stated they were overwhelmed with treatment-associated decisions. Over 1 in 5 women  who have early-phase breast cancer stated they were provided an overabundance of responsibility for treatment-associated decisions – and these patients were more than likely to end up regretting their choices, according to one United States [&hellip

Advanced Lung Cancer Patients Likely to Misunderstand Treatment

A new study reveals that patients who have been diagnosed with an already incurable lung cancer are more likely to misunderstand the effect and the purpose of the treatment designed to make them feel more comfortable. This misunderstanding may also trigger several patients with lung cancer and their families to prefer end-of-life treatments. According to [&hellip

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