The Link Between Sleepwalking and Violence

Sleepwalking occurs when someone is asleep but performing activities such as driving, eating, or having intimate relations. Many people mistakenly believe that sleepwalking happens to children who have “night terrors” or adults who took a sleeping medication such as Ambien. About 58 percent of adults who engage in sleepwalking for any reason become violent, according [&hellip

How Serious is Postpartum Depression and Psychosis?

Some people have questioned the validity of medical diagnoses of postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis. These mental health conditions arise in some women after they deliver a child. Actress Brooke Shields, convicted murderer Andrea Yates, and now suicide victim Cynthia Wachenheim have made international news due to their apparent postpartum struggles. Wachenheim killed herself earlier [&hellip

Can Job Loss Damage Your Heart?

Stress is a major factor behind serious cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. Unemployment is a harsh reality for some of even the most highly educated people in the world, particularly the United States.  Even before the recession that began in 2008, researchers at the Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine at University of [&hellip

Are Unemployment And Mental Health Problems Linked?

Though the unemployment rate is steadily declining in most states, at least 10 percent of able-bodied Americans are currently unemployed due to the recession. Mental health issues such as depression and even suicide have steadily increased during the recession. In some cases, extended unemployment can cause depression. But more often than not, unemployment is just [&hellip

What Are Signs Of An Impending Suicide?

More than 36,000 Americans die each year through suicide and an estimated 1 in 25 teenagers have attempted suicide. While some people secretly plan and then commit suicide, most people planning their own death exhibit one or more signs that indicate the seriousness of their depression. Such signs coupled with recent losses such as a [&hellip

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