7 ways to lower your risk of developing diabetes:…

7 ways you can lower your risk of developing diabetes: ow.ly/h8qsY #7: add some cinnamon!

Who Is At Risk For Glaucoma?

Some people mistakenly believe that only elderly people experience serious vision problems or blindness due to eye diseases such as glaucoma. While it is indeed true that people over the age of 60 are more likely to experience serious optic nerve damage due to glaucoma, some people who are much younger are at risk. Glaucoma [&hellip

Do Weight Loss Drugs Really Work?

  With obesity growing in epidemic proportions, the market is saturated with advertising for over-the-counter and prescription weight loss drugs. But do diet pills really work? In many cases, these so-called weight loss remedies may do more harm than good. Also, there is truly no pill that can substitute for poor eating and exercise habits. [&hellip

Diabetes May Be Connected with Hearing Loss

Diabetes already has been tied with an elevated risk of cardiovascular and kidney problems, as well as vision loss and nerve damage. Currently, a study in Japan discovers that people suffering with this condition to be more than two times as likely as the ones without the condition to possess hearing impairment. Researchers discovered within [&hellip

Is LASIK Surgery Safe?

LASIK surgery has become a popular way for adults to achieve permanent vision correction. However, the procedure should not be entered into lightly and is not for everyone. LASIK is the abbreviation for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, better known as laser eye surgery. The procedure involves a doctor operating a machine that literally cuts a [&hellip

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