Niacin May Actually Harm the Heart

The B vitamin niacin has been used in cardiac care for years because many medical professionals believe it may help alleviate or prevent heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular problems. But the vitamin may actually harm the heart rather than help it, according to the recently released results of a University of Oxford study. The [&hellip

Can Job Loss Damage Your Heart?

Stress is a major factor behind serious cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. Unemployment is a harsh reality for some of even the most highly educated people in the world, particularly the United States.  Even before the recession that began in 2008, researchers at the Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine at University of [&hellip

Is Omega-3 Fatty Acid Helpful after all?

Omega 3, the essential fatty acid found mostly in fish has long been thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and sudden cardiac death.  But a recent study at the University Hospital in Ioannina, Greece, concluded that this was not the case, that the risks of heart disease, stroke or sudden death among the [&hellip

Do All Overweight People Have Metabolic Problems?

Metabolism, or your metabolic rate, is how quickly your body burns calories through the energy it expends each day through basic activities such as sitting, breathing, walking, eating and sleeping. You may believe that lean people have a fast metabolism and that overweight people have a slow metabolism but this is a myth, notes the [&hellip

Do Secondhand Smoke Laws Prevent Heart Attacks?

Smoking is a big factor that affects human health as it causes countless health problems such as lung cancer. It also causes some diseases to be triggered and develop into a more serious medical condition that can be fatal. If a person has asthma and still continues to smoke he/she may suffer from a more [&hellip

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