How Common Are Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Sexually transmitted infections or diseases are not just a problem among promiscuous people, warns the United States Centers for Disease Control. At least 50 percent of Americans who engage in intimate relations with another person will contract HPV – a potentially serious STD – during their lifetime. By the age of 25, at least 50 [&hellip

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Are Still A Serious Problem

Despite increased awareness about the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and prevention methods, such infections remain a serious public health problem in industrialized countries especially the United States. The rate of STDs remains significantly high and incurs billions of dollars of healthcare costs each year, according to data recently released by the United States Centers [&hellip

Who Might Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

Even though erectile dysfunction happens to an estimated 30 million American men each year, it is an uncomfortable topic for many people to discuss. However, the inability for a man to get or keep a penile erection can be a psychologically and socially damaging problem. In some cases, the erectile dysfunction could indicate a more [&hellip

Is The HIV and AIDS Epidemic Over?

Some people mistakenly believe that the HIV and AIDS epidemic that impacted the Western world starting in the 1980s is over with. Others accept that millions of people still have HIVr AIDS but believe it is a condition that can be easily treated. Activists such as former basketball player Magic Johnson of Los Angeles Lakers [&hellip

Clinton Introduces Plan for AIDS-free Generation

Within an ambitious plan for cutting the worldwide AIDS spreading,  the Obama administration reports treating individuals sooner, as well as quicker growth of additional proven tools may assist the hardest-hit countries in starting to turn the tide of this epidemic over the following 3 – 5 years. Some thirty-four million individuals around the world are [&hellip

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