Do Secondhand Smoke Laws Prevent Heart Attacks?

Can implementing smoking ban laws lower heart attacks?

Smoking is a big factor that affects human health as it causes countless health problems such as lung cancer. It also causes some diseases to be triggered and develop into a more serious medical condition that can be fatal. If a person has asthma and still continues to smoke he/she may suffer from a more serious health conditions. There has been a report about people suffering from heart attack due to lots of reasons which include smoking. Too much exposure in a place where there are numerous people who are smoking may trigger heart attack to a person who has heart problem as smoke can block the blood that flows in the arteries of a person’s heart.

For example in the state Minnesota In 2002 numerous restaurants have implemented a smoke free ordinance and in 2007 in all public places. It has been reported that after some months after the implementation of the law, the rate of heart attack was lessened but there are health professionals who argued whether this theory is true or not as some stated that secondhand smoke law is not a proof that it can reduce the case of heart attacks.

Secondhand smoke laws are factors that people need to consider not only because it may reduce cases of heart attacks, Aside from this, it will surely decrease cases of other major health problems such as lung problems, asthma, and other illnesses that if taken for granted can cause people to suffer from serious health problems that may lead to death.