Do Weight Loss Drugs Really Work?

  With obesity growing in epidemic proportions, the market is saturated with advertising for over-the-counter and prescription weight loss drugs. But do diet pills really work? In many cases, these so-called weight loss remedies may do more harm than good. Also, there is truly no pill that can substitute for poor eating and exercise habits. […]
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Are Laxatives Effective Diet Pills?

Dieting with laxative pills
Laxatives are intended to temporarily relieve constipation and should not be used as diet pills, warns the Mayo Clinic. While many ads claim that supplements and foods can help you excrete fat or speed up your metabolism, virtually all of these claims are false. You must diet and exercise to lose weight rather than relying […]
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Are Fat Blockers Effective For Weight Loss?

A lot of manufacturers market various over-the-counter diet drugs as “fat blockers” that can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, most of these supplements are ineffective and a few are even potentially dangerous. Prescription and over-the-counter strength orlistat is the only proven fat blocking drug, but both versions have some potentially unpleasant side effects. If you take […]
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