Do Superior 2 HCG Diet Drops Actually Work?

A common question among people hoping to lose weight is, “do Superior 2 HCG Diet Drops actually work?” But even if such remedies do work, the potential risks far outweigh possible benefits. Impartial and well-trained medical professionals with renowned organizations such as the Mayo Clinic all but beg people not to use HCG or human [&hellip

What is the Truth About HCG for Weight Loss?

A growing number of people hoping fervently to lose weight have tried various types of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy and is sometimes used help treat infertility in women. The United States Food and Drug Administration has never approved HCG for over-the-counter use; doctors with the Mayo Clinic [&hellip

Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Promote Weight Loss?

The famed Dr. Oz has recommended green coffee bean extract to people hoping to lose weight. But he has tried to keep up with modern ethical standards by not promoting one brand over another; in fact the good doctor has publicly warned his viewers not to listen to companies claiming he recommends one green coffee [&hellip

Is Sensa Just Another Fad Diet?

It is difficult to turn on a television, read a magazine, or even get on Facebook these days without hearing some type of information about Sensa and its potential to facilitate weight loss. Sensa is also known as the “Sprinkle Diet.” People hoping to lose weight literally sprinkle Sensa onto their food just like they [&hellip

Is Nutrisystem a Good Financial Deal?

The Nutrisystem diet is a rather structured plan of eating. The parent company, which is headquartered in Pennyslvania, provides dieters with a wide choice of meal and snack options. But unlike most of its competitors, Nutrisystem users either receive virtually all of their food at home or pick it up from a weight loss center. [&hellip

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