How Healthy Are We?

Health care has become an increasingly hot topic in today’s news, especially with concerns about Obamacare and the future of Medicare. Unfortunately, statistics compiled by the United States Centers for Disease Control reveal that many Americans are not taking proper care of themselves. Even people with excellent health insurance have become too busy to eat [&hellip

Does Health Insurance Pay For Weight Loss Surgery?

For decades, “weight loss” or bariatric surgery has been one of the most controversial methods of treating obesity. Most of us have heard stories of horrific side effects and even deaths, especially as a result of some of the earlier surgeries. Insurance companies often refused to pay for bariatric surgery, even if the patient was [&hellip

What Is the Difference Between Dental Insurance and a Dental Plan?

It is vitally important to take good care of our teeth and gums. Some dental problems such as an untreated tooth infection can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, prices for oral care have spiked dramatically right along with the costs of other types of healthcare. While a dental insurance policy is probably the best asset for the [&hellip

Is It Safe To Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

Online shopping has become more and more popular, and naturally people want to save money and time by ordering prescription medications online. But if you are not ordering directly from Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, or a similar reputable drugstore you could be putting your health in serious danger. Thousands of websites advertise cheap medications. However, [&hellip

What Are Patient Assistance Programs?

With the rising costs of prescription drugs along with increasing numbers of people experiencing financial problems, some people need assistance to cover the cost of medication. Drug companies as well as non-profit organizations  run hundreds of patient assistance programs (PAPs) that can help underinsured or uninsured patients save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on [&hellip

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