What is the Truth About HCG for Weight Loss?

A growing number of people hoping fervently to lose weight have tried various types of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy and is sometimes used help treat infertility in women. The United States Food and Drug Administration has never approved HCG for over-the-counter use; doctors with the Mayo Clinic [&hellip

How Serious is Postpartum Depression and Psychosis?

Some people have questioned the validity of medical diagnoses of postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis. These mental health conditions arise in some women after they deliver a child. Actress Brooke Shields, convicted murderer Andrea Yates, and now suicide victim Cynthia Wachenheim have made international news due to their apparent postpartum struggles. Wachenheim killed herself earlier [&hellip

Facts About Smoking and Fertility

Smoking and fertility just don’t go together. This scientific fact applies to both men and women. Smoking cigarettes or marijuana dramatically reduces a couple’s chance of conceiving a healthy baby. A University of Buffalo study shows that male smokers have a 75 percent less chance of having the healthy sperm count needed for conception than [&hellip

What Remedies Will Help Pregnancy Morning Sickness…

What Remedies Will Help Pregnancy Morning Sickness… emedicalnews.com/what-remedies-…

Facts About Premature Babies

One of an expectant mother’s worst nightmares is probably delivering her baby too early. In previous generations, delivering a baby even weeks early equaled a very dismal outlook for the child even if he survived. Modern medical wisdom still hopes that each expectant mother will carry her baby for about 9 months before delivery, but [&hellip

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