Can Physical Therapy Relieve Low Back Pain After An Injury or An Accident?

Our spine is like a set of stackable blocks with bones that keeps you erect, provide a stable base, maintain posture, absorb shock and protect the spinal cord. Anything wrong with it can lead to pain from the base of the head to the bottom of your tailbone. The lower part of the backbone is [&hellip

Are Fat Blockers Effective For Weight Loss?

A lot of manufacturers market various over-the-counter diet drugs as “fat blockers” that can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, most of these supplements are ineffective and a few are even potentially dangerous. Prescription and over-the-counter strength orlistat is the only proven fat blocking drug, but both versions have some potentially unpleasant side effects. If you take [&hellip

Doctors Make Push to Lower Kids’ Pain, Stress in ER

Being admitted to emergency rooms usually means that a child is either in a serious medical condition or in pain. This also certainly means that the admittance will be filled with anxiety. This is mainly the reason why The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a report that tends to emphasize the importance of controlling and [&hellip

Advanced Lung Cancer Patients Likely to Misunderstand Treatment

A new study reveals that patients who have been diagnosed with an already incurable lung cancer are more likely to misunderstand the effect and the purpose of the treatment designed to make them feel more comfortable. This misunderstanding may also trigger several patients with lung cancer and their families to prefer end-of-life treatments. According to [&hellip

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